Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Charts from 5/19 (chart dump)

Charts from 5/19 - Sometimes I get the feeling that when you end up with too many charts it probably means you're not being selective enough.  Well that could be the case but here they are unedited and unfiltered.  I need to do some work on this group, but I think there are definitely some good ones in here.

I just tried to drag/drop 9 charts into blogger.  Didn't work.  I guess we'll go the more traditional route.

Disclosure - I did short EZA (while simultaneously buying a $71 strike call.  The 71 calls are just to get me through the month and my 30-day minimum holding period, but that being said there is some merit to having them aside from that.  If the equity market here in the states really takes off and this is correllated you'll be happy you own the calls so the short doesn't run right in your face.

The others I haven't bought yet.

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