Monday, November 25, 2013

Charts from either this weekend or today...

$AGCO - Had my eye on this one a very long time.  Looks like it's touching support here.  If it doesn't hold, could breakdown big, but otherwise, all the people that've been waiting to buy this thing could get in right about here.

$RUTH - Delicious steaks and what looks to be a nice looking chart.  New high (but not an all time high).  All time highs are in the $20s

$WLP - Obamacare?  Nice looking chart.

$HIBB - Not a very convincing breakout, but worth keeping an eye on.

$HUM - Another Healthcare stock...  ANd it's breaking out over $100 which I LOVE.

$NSC - Taking it's time up here (all time high) but once it gets going, might be a nice one to have.

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